Apr 152015

You have to go… you’ve been invited… sorta. Even if the invitation was lost in the mail, as it usually is for me, you can go anyway. “Oh what fun it is to crash a party at The Door, or The Eagle, or Reflection, or, well any of the other kick-ass bars we have around here.” Lots to do as always in our fantastic community. So go get involved and let us all help to make a better future for everyone. Join us and I promise I will not sing!


1) Wed April 15 from 8-10 is SLUTS Club night at the Hidden Door


2) Thu April 16 from 7-10 The Wall of Food Show at Club Reflection in Ft Worth


3) Fri April 17 the Dallas Eagle hosts the South Central Leather Sir/boy/CBB Contest

*TGRA/UCLSE Combo-Show from 7-10 at the Hidden Door


4) Sat April 18 the Dallas Eagle hosts the South Central Leather Sir/boy/CBB Contest


5) Sun April 19 ICFWA Meeting from 1-? at Club Reflection

*NTXCC Board Meeting from 1:30 -? at Club Reflection

**UCLSE-Board Meeting from 1-3pm at Youth First Texas

***UCLSE-Members Meeting from 3-5pm at Youth First Texas

****Cowtown Leathermen Cookout from 4-7 at Club Reflection

*****Dallas Eagle: 80’s Dance Party from 5-9

******IGRA Show from 7-10 at Club Reflection


6) Tue April 21 from 6-9 ICFWA Meeting at Cancer Care Services, 623 S Henderson, FW


7) Wed April 22 from 7:30-10:30 is UCLSE Club night at the Hidden Door

*The Wall of Food Meeting from 8-10 at Club Changes in Ft Worth


8) Sat April 25 from 1:30-3 NLA-Dallas Leather Perspectives Q&A Panel

*the Dallas Bears Cake Walk from 7-9 at The Dallas Eagle

**TGRA Fundraiser Show from 7-10 at the Hidden Door


9) Sun April 26 is the Trinity River Bears Lunch at Shaw’s on Magnolia at 12:30, then at 2:30 their club meeting followed at 4pm by a BBQ to raise funds for the club all at Reflections in FW


10) Tue April 28 from 7-9 NLA-Dallas EC Meeting at the John Thomas Resource Center


WEEKEND EVENT: TGRA Rodeo Weekend May 1st-3rd/go to TGRA.org for details


11) Sat May 2 from 7-10 TGRA Rodeo Party on the Patio at the Hidden Door


The NTXCC Community Calendar is up and ready to help you plan your fun. Plus you can find links for all of the NTXCC Member Clubs & Commercial Members.



Plus we have our own calendar of events too. Visit and see what NLA is up to.



Just click that link to see the calendar. If you want more info just click on the entry and get the details. If you have anything that should be added to the community calendar drop a line with the details to me at leatherboyleo@yahoo.com and I will send them along to be listed.


Go, support, and be a part of your community! Hope to see you!

Boy Leo

Apr 152015

The Texas Conference of Clubs


NLA-Dallas is a member of the Conference and as such have access to the camp and the rights to attend any run that you individually qualify for. Examples: Any TCC sponsored event or maintenance weekend is open to any and all members and guests. PWA (People With Aids) is only open to HIV positive persons, their significant other, and volunteer staff for the event. The Discipline Corps weekends are biological male only. Most events are open to everyone but please make sure to check on the website through the calendar links or contact me. There are lots of important Facilities Info, FAQs, and special Forms & Documents that will help you to decide how best to plan your visit(s) to the TCC-Buzzards Peak Landsite.


As your TCC Rep I would be happy to help if you have any questions including directions or a map to the site. Trust me when I say Google Maps will NOT help you find it! Just send me an email: leatherboyleo@yahoo.com




April 17-19 TCC Maintenance Weekend

Saturday, April 18 at 1pm TCC Quarterly Meeting


April 24-26 Discipline Corps Campout Weekend


May 1-3 Touch of Leather Camp Out


May 8-10 PWA Camp Out


May 15-17 TCC Maintenance Weekend


May 22-24 TCC Presents: Rastenol -3 The Three Ring Circus Event of the Year! Food, Games, Shows and more naked fun and general clowning around than is legal is DFW.


June 12-14 Cowtown Leathermen Run


June 19-21 TCC Maintenance Weekend


July 17-19 TCC Maintenance Weekend

Saturday , July 18 at 1pm TCC Quarterly Meeting


August 21 TCC Maintenance Weekend


September 11-13 The Dallas Girls of Leather Weekend Event


September 18-20 PWA Camp Out


September 25-27 Austin Gay Nudists


October 2-4 Bound by Desire Camp Out


October 9-11 Poo Family Camp Out & All Our Poo Friends Too!


October 16-18 TCC Maintenance Weekend

Saturday, October 17 at 1pm TCC Quarterly Meeting


October 23-25 Discipline Corps Camp Out


November 6-8 Trinity River Bears & Houston Firedancers Campout: Dances With Bears, A Feast In The Woods


November 13-15 Touch of Leather Campout


November 20-22 Dallas Girls of Leather – Tentative


November 27-29 TCC Maintenance Weekend


January 15-17, 2016 TCC Maintenance Weekend

Saturday, January 16 at 1pm TCC Quarterly Meeting


Apr 132015

2015 04 Leather Perspectives

Join us for 

Saturday, April 25th
2:00 PM
(Doors open at 1:30)

The Dallas Eagle
FREE for members
$5 for non-members (Join for $25/year!)

April’s Leather Perspectives will be a leather panel to answer all of your deepest, darkest Leather questions! Join us for a Q&A with Miz Lilly, Master Neko, slave raven and boy leo.


Start asking your questions TODAY in our group on Fetlife (https://fetlife.com/groups/70628/group_posts/6960338) or on the Leather Perspectives Event Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/events/409832732529232/)


The fourth Saturday of each month NLA-Dallas invites a person walking a leather journey, to present on leather related topic from his or her perspective (as there is no “one twue way”).

This event is FREE to NLA Dallas members and $5 for non-members. Bring a friend with you who might be interested in the leather/fetish/SM lifestyle!

  • Members, please be sure to bring your current NLA card.
  • Non-members can join for $25/yr.
  • Attendees must be at least 21 years of age based on the location.

Leather Perspectives is a monthly event sponsored by NLA-Dallas. NLA-Dallas is a DFW based organization focused on the education of those interested in and/or living 
the leather/SM/fetish lifestyle. As a gateway leather club, NLA-Dallas is open to people of all walks of life regardless of orientation or identification. We invite you to join us for a General Membership meeting on the first Tuesday of each month, a Leather Perspectives on the fourth Saturday of each month, or an Advanced Workshop each quarter.


Apr 102015

Join us at The Dallas Eagle Saturday night from 9:00 – 11:00 PM for NLA Dallas Bar Night! Come hang out, enjoy a cigar, some bootblacking, and great company. We’ll be at the bar Saturday night, will you?

Apr 092015

For those who weren’t at the general meeting Tuesday night, here are this month’s upcoming NLA events!

Bar Night
Saturday, April 11th
9:00 – 11:00 PM
The Dallas Eagle
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/629502057193508/
Fetlife – https://fetlife.com/events/331939

Leather Perspectives – Leather Panel
Saturday, April 25th
2:00 PM (Doors open at 1:30)
The Dallas Eagle
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/409832732529232/
Fetlife – https://fetlife.com/events/337575

May General Meeting
Tuesday, 5th
7:00 – 9:00 PM
The Resource Center, Dallas
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/927333920632044/
Fetlife – https://fetlife.com/events/336319

Mar 302015
Fooling around with Sharpy and Pointy and cutting and sticking.
*Come explore all the ways to use sharp and pointy objects to enhance your scenes.*
What: Bound Rose
When: April 1, 2015
Time: 7pm -10pm
Where: The Sanctuary
Cost: $5/Sanctuary members $15 for every one else
Why: To educate, learn, share and grow BDSM skills.
Who: Master Neko and koneko (see bio below)
7-8 social/eating Please bring something to share.
8-9 demo/learning hands on
9-10 Play allowed in back dungeon. Dungeon rules and etiquette apply. Front dungeon will be lighted to encourage learning and practicing skills.
Please RSVP. Click on link below or contact MstsBoots
About Master Neko & koneko
Neko has been in the lifestyle for eighteen years. His travels and learning in the lifestyle began as a collared slave. After almost 2 years, his Mistress felt he was on the wrong end of the flogger and spent 3 years training him to provide the proper care and feeding for his own slaves in the future, as well as building upon the Leather history, traditions, and ideals of his previous training.
Through his training, he discovered a desire to educate others about our lifestyle – helping people to understand and find personal acceptance of the deep, dark parts of us that we keep locked away. To that end, he has given presentations on such topics as (in no particular order and not limited to) fear play, mind fucks, interrogation, sword/knife play, orgasm control, rough body, blood play, body mechanics, medical play, stapling, electricity, sensory deprivation, liquid latex, needles, mummification, humiliation, rope 101, predicament bondage, and shibari. He enjoys dishing out a variety of sadism when he plays as well as being an active part of the community.
Prior to Texas, he was a part of the New York scene where he presented, played, and did fetish and rave photography. In Dallas, he ran the Bound Rose Society for four years with his slave, koneko. During 2008, he led the local bondage SIG group: DFW Bound2 and this year, they have picked up the reins again. He is a Mentor in the Dallas Mentors Program, volunteers at the local dungeon, Sanctuary, is a co-chair at NLA-Dallas and does security for Beyond Vanilla along with continuing to present when asked. He’s presented in places such as New York, Dallas, Austin, Colorado, Blanco, and Temple.
He has had as many as four slaves at one time, (which makes him certifiably insane) though currently, he owns one slave, koneko, who has been with him since 2002 in a 24/7 relationship.
koneko has been walking a kinky path since 1991 with the last twelve being blessed in service to Master Neko. She is a bi, poly, Leather kitten, and slave who loves kink education. koneko is also Wiccan, first initiated over twenty years ago and a teaching elder since 1999. During her Leather path, she has been given opportunities to serve the community through a number of venues, such as volunteering at the Dallas dungeon Sanctuary, Bound Rose Society, NLA-Dallas, Beyond Vanilla, Darker Paths, Fourth Friday, and in the Dallas and National submissive Mentor Programs. She has also been gifted with opportunities to teach as well as co-teach with Master Neko at several kink groups and events in Dallas, Austin, Colorado, Blanco, and Temple. koneko loves dancing under the moon, bottoming to her Master’s wild scenes, serving privately and publicly, having a full life, and enjoying the journey she is on.
Mar 072015

Pull out your calendar, here are the dates for this month’s events:

Mark your calendars and invite a friend! We look forward to seeing you there!

Feb 272015

Due to the winter weather and seeming continuation of it, I’ve consulted with our Leather Perspectives presenter and we’re in agreement that for everyone’s safety, we’re cancelling February’s Leather Perspectives.

Please stay safe and mark your calendars for March 28 with Daddy Rose on Overcoming Obstacles in the Path of D/s, April 25 for our Leather Panel, and Our Bald Ewok in a Wookie World will be back for May 23!

Thank you, everyone.
Enjoying the Journey,
Master Neko’s kitten, koneko
Feb 242015

What happens when you mix lots of sexy leather folk with bunches of hot bears? One crazy weekend of non-stop fun that’s what! So, hitch up yer boots and get-er ready cause it’s all coming at you for March! Use this listing to plan your calendar and then you will have so much to do you might not get any sleep. Your community needs you to get out, get involved and become part of something greater. Together we can all have loads of fun and make a better future for everyone.


1) Tue Feb 24 from 7-9 is the NLA EC Meeting at Resource Center Dallas


2) Wed Feb 25 from 7:30-10:30 is the UCLSE Club Night at the Hidden Door


3) Sat Feb 28 from 7-8:30 is the ICFWA Candidate Presentation at Best Friends Club


4) Sun Mar 1 from 1-2 TGRA Chapter meeting at the Round-Up

*Trash Disco from 5-9 at The Dallas Eagle


5) Tue Mar 3 from 7-9 is the NLA Membership Meeting at Resource Center Dallas


6) Wed Mar 4 from 7-10 is the T-Bears Club Night at the Hidden Door

* Leather Knights: Leather Night from 9-11 at the Dallas Eagle


***WEEKEND EVENT for Mar 6-8 is Esprit de Corps hosted by Discipline Corps


7) Fri Mar 6 Discipline Corps Bar Night from 10-12 at the Dallas Eagle


8) Sat Mar 7 from 7-10; TGRA: King & Queen of the Rodeo Candidate Show at Hidden Door


9) Sun Mar 8 from 1:30-3 is UCLSE Executive Board Meeting at Youth First Texas

*UCLSE General Membership Meeting from 3-5 at Youth First Texas


10) Mon Mar 9 from 7:30-9:30 is the Leather Knights Members Meeting at Youth First Texas


***WEEKEND EVENTS: South Plains Leather Fest; Mar 12-15 at the Crown Plaza in Downtown Dallas; vending, classes, Master/slave Contest, plus much more.

See: SouthPlainsLeatherFest.com for full schedule of the event

***Also TBRU-the Texas Bear Round Up is Mar 12-15 at the Crown Plaza-Dallas Market Center; vending, parties, bear contests, parties, food, parties, plus lots of bears…oh and parties!

See: TBRU.org for full schedule of the event

*** UCLSE Bear Bake Sale benefiting Youth First Texas & held all weekend at TBRU venue


11) Wed Mar 11 from 9pm-12 The Early Bear: Pre-TBRU Cigar Social at Woody’s

*TBRU Underwear Night & Contest from 9pm-1am hosted by Miss Wanda at the Dallas Eagle


12) Thur Mar 12 from 8-10 is the South Plains Meet & Greet hosted by NLA-Dallas at venue


13) Sat Mar 14 NLA-Club Night from 7-9 at the Dallas Eagle, come out early for good parking & party all night with the Hot Bears from TBRU plus all those sexy Masters & slaves from SPLF


14) Sun Mar 15 UCLSE: Lets Feed the Bears Cookout from 2-5 at Hidden Door

*80’s Dance Party from 5-9 at the Dallas Eagle


As always the NTXCC Community Calendar is up and ready to help you plan your fun.




Plus we have our own calendar of events too. Visit and see what NLA is up to.




Just click on the calendar link to see what is listed. If you want more info just click on the entry and get the details. If you have anything that should be added to the community calendar drop a line with the details to me at leatherboyleo@yahoo.com and I will send them along to be listed.


Go, support, and be a part of your community! Hope to see you!

Boy Leo