Oct 012015

Our next featured guest for this spot is the newest MAL to join the EC Bard. Bard has written several pieces for the NewsLeather before mostly sharing with us highlights from Leather Perspectives over the past 2 years. He has now taken the time to answer our 10 questions so we can get to know him a little better

1. What first brought you to NLA?

I was observing people at the local dungeon and there were some that supported each other and held themselves to a certain standard.  When I inquired further I discovered Leather had many of the same values that I followed; it seemed a natural fit.

2. What is it about NLA that makes it feel like home to you?

I like that there are people who believe in setting a standard and discovering that my kinks are shared by others.

3. If pressed, I’d identify myself as…

 Hetero-Nerdual Dom.  I also am discovering a sadist side.

4. Define what “Leather” is to you?

Leather is something that is a choice and a direction you choose for yourself.  Before I discovered Leather, I was trying to live my life according to the Code of Bushido.  For some time I studied Kendo and Iaido and these created a love and respect for Bushido.  I found that Leather carried many of the same tenants as Bushido and so it appeared that I had been living my life as close to Leather as possible.

5. What are your top 3 Leather/kink passions?

My fetishes include Sith Lords, Elf Sorceress, or any other Sci-Fi Fantasy tied to BDSM.  Oh, it said kink…  I enjoy Pony Play, Fire Play, and Latex/Leather clothing.

6. What are your top 3 Vanilla Passions?

Pizza, Education, and RPG’s.  As I said above, Nerd.
7. What was your first experience with Leather?I was attending a munch and the demonstration was titled, “What is Leather?”  The presenter described various things that I was already a believer in and so I attended my first Leather event the next month.  SO far, so good!

8. What is your most memorable Leather moment?

Volunteering for the Beyond Vanilla 25 committee.  This is has been a huge experience and I cannot wait till the day of the event!

9. What do you feel NLA is doing well?

I think that NLA is doing more in and for the community.  This is vitally important so that NLA can be a stabilizing influence for DFW.

10. What changes would you like to see in NLA?
I have not been a member long enough to fairly judge what NLA could change for the better, but I would like to see a sense of honor or prestige continue to build for NLA.  


Sep 242015

By Bushido Bard

On a warm Saturday afternoon, Master Tallen gifted those attending the Leather Perspectives presentation the tale of his Leather Life. His life, Leather and otherwise, was laid before the audience for their examination. This was a very frank and open discussion on the ups and downs he experienced so far in his life. His accomplishments have earned him fame, mostly good and sometimes bad, but there were important lessons learned. Master Tallen shared life changing events and wonderful reminders of why we live the life we do.

At a young age Master Tallen realized he was homosexual but given where he was living and the culture he never expressed his feelings until later. After high school he joined the United States Marines and this awakened in him a love and desire for discipline and regimentation. Little did he realize how this experience would shape his future and life! Being stationed in Hawaii he began to explore his sexuality. He commented, “This was before ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ but as long as you didn’t cause a fuss nobody seemed to care.” His tour soon ended however and he returned to the states; the door was opened but the journey had just begun!

“Ironically”, he smiled as he spoke, “I met my wife at a gay bar.” Together they have two daughters but unfortunately the marriage ended after a while. It was at this time that Master Tallen decided he would not keep up appearances and as he put it, “abandoned the ‘straight life’”. For a few years he began a real soul-searching that made him realize that he was missing something in is life. He knew he loved the control and discipline of the military but he was unsure how to find this in his civilian life. His search continued…

Like many of us, the Internet changed his life as he discovered the life and concept of Master/slave relationships. Immediately he was intrigued and believed that this was just what he was looking for! More research was conducted and he discovered Leather and the various relationships therein. He gave a thoughtful nod and gave a wide grin when he said, “Soon I was contacting all kinds ‘Masters’ looking for a relationship; boy, I found some real doosies…” In one particular instance he talked and decided to meet with a master, (lower-case letter on purpose), who turned out to be the worst master he had ever encountered. It was a case where the man had no money, or any kind of life and just used Master Tallen’s resources selfishly. “Lesson learned”, he said as he shook his head gratefully.

After a few relationships, that left much to be desired from the Masters, meant moving to other states, and even required starting life over again, Master Tallen resolved to learn more about Leather and even becoming a Top. With much enthusiasm he said, “I became motivated; if I couldn’t find a Master worth a damn, I’d become the Master!” While researching the whats and wherefores of being a Top and/or Master he tasted his first spark of control; the Top’s high. He found it greatly to his liking and this encouraged him to find his first slave. A new era had begun!
Master Tallen attended a myriad of conventions with his new slave and even helped create some of the events that exist today. With so many volunteering jobs and other work towards assisting the community, it was time to step away for a break; but not for too long… After much research and delving deep into countless symbols and their numerous meanings, he developed a visual concept of the Master/slave relationship; something very deep and personal to him. Part of this originated from his desire to create a sign or flag for inspiration and to be a source of pride. The end result is apparent for all in the community to see, but it was not universally accepted at first.

The familiar flag that contains red lines on a black field with a white border was an accomplishment that resulted in a mixed reception. Although there were some in the community that mocked Master Tallen for his audacity to create something like this, it has stood the test of time. Today, the Master/slave flag is worn by many people in the community and it is an accepted symbol of Leather and BDSM activities.

Unfortunately, Master Tallen’s life took a very dramatic and different turn when he suffered from an accident in which he fell from a ladder. Part of the recovery locked him to a wheelchair for an indefinite amount of time. Master Tallen said in a somber voice, “Crisis of identity doesn’t even begin to describe it.” He had to re-evaluate his role with regards to his changed physical condition and relationships. He asked the audience, “How can you still be a Master if you’re sitting and needing constant care?”

This was the greatest trial he experienced in his life and today he is forever thankful for those people, including his current slave, who helped him recover. His slave attended to his every need and in such a way that Master Tallen was in control. Together, they modified their relationship so that they maintained their previous protocols. It was a testament to the dedication that they had for each other. This injury certainly kept his activities low; he eventually recovered to the point that he could discard the wheelchair!

Most recently Master Tallen has fought to preserve the International Puppy and Trainer Contest and this is but one of his many pursuits. Today he enjoys the full life he has with his Leather family and biological family. In his closing words he commented that life is constant change and that burnout is common and expected in this life. He expressed to hold on to what matters to you and follow your heart. After his presentation he ended with these words of wisdom, “Follow your heart, but just be smart!”

Sep 152015
MizLilly is perhaps best known for her leadership role in the gateway Texas organization, Touch
Leather, though she has also been a counselor, a columnist, and presenter on many aspects of what
it is that we do.

1. What first brought you to NLA?

I found NLA in 2000, in Austin Texas. NLA-Austin was where I found a sense of home, of welcome, of acceptance. I was given friendship; reminded that others had come before me and it is honorable to remember those struggles and to not let them go unsupported. I also came to realize that there are still things that must be addressed, and that we can still make changes in our lifestyle & the laws that effect them.

2. What is it about NLA that makes it feel like home to you?

My grandfather, father and spouse were all veterans. The expectations of service, honor, integrity, loyalty, accountability ~ these things felt familiar and resonated with us. I felt accepted, challenged and part of something with a purpose.
3. If pressed, I’d identify myself as?
A Leatherwoman, a loyal friend, passionate, continually growing and willing to have personal conversations personally.

4. Define what “Leather” is to you?
It is a code that I live by, a family that I love in, and a part of my soul. It is traditions and graciousness and raunchy and steamy. It is physical and feasting and experiencing life from the soul. It is dependability and service. It is brotherhood and safe places. It is exploration and a journey. It has a history and a future and yet somehow it is about celebrating what we have in the present.
5. What are your top 3 Leather/kink passions?
SM (the physical expression with partners), service (the daily acts of giving back), the traditions ( I am passionate about our history)

6. What are your top 3 Vanilla passions?

Reading, education, walking

7. What was your first experience with Leather?
(chuckle) That is a personal conversation.
8. What is your most memorable Leather moment?
Saying goodbye- to a great man and friend, and former President of our group, as he lay in the hospital preparing to pass beyond the veil. Raging at a system that did not support this person who was younger than I, and a universe who would take such a wonderful man away from us…and having him look at me with such love and compassion-and tell me to love…because that was what was important.
9. What do you feel NLA is doing well?
I feel that accepting newcomers is a good thing. Teaching the aspects of Leather that help one engage in our Community as well as the self expression of their kinks and fetishes is a good thing.

10. What changes would you like to see in NLA?
More investment by International. More unity within the chapters. More cross-club support. At one point I had the sad opportunity to watch a club lose a President and a Secretary and founder in it’s mourning and loss-without one bit of help from the mother chapter. That was not Leather to me. No club should experience that loss without brother clubs coming to support the members, hold them and help them find their paths again. Now the clubs wither away one by one because they feel alone and unneeded. What would happen if we began to reach out to each other within the NLA circle could only be an edifying thing
Sep 082015

by Bushido_Bard

Dan Perry opened the discussion by simply asking, “What is community? What’s it mean?” Audience participation and responses were welcomed as Dan poled everyone in attendance. Truly, to all of us, what makes a community? Is it as simple as everyone under one umbrella? Is it a subset of something greater? How do you define a community? Reminding us of the roots of modern Leather, Dan suggested that the soldiers returning from World War 2 were the first community. Where did it go from there?

As the years went by, the Leather Community saw its ups and downs but as groups became larger the sense of togetherness seemed to fade. Dan posed another question, “As we get larger, our closeness goes away, and we are left wondering how do we retain our sense of community.” As one group becomes larger, because more like-minded people gather around it, sometimes subsets begin to form. While this is not necessarily a bad thing it does begin to perhaps dilute the whole. Or does it? Dan finished his question then added, “We form different groups because people want a “tighter” group. When this happens we sometimes become ‘cliquish’ and this is not good.”

Although community can mean different things to different people we still strive to uphold the whole. This can lead to good and bad things… “We are quick to start something new because a need is perceived. However, we are reluctant to end them when perhaps the need is no longer there”, he pointed out. Case-in-point: If a group was begun several years ago to address an issue but the issue no longer persists, does the group need to continue out of obligation?

Can our umbrella of acceptance get too large or can we always separate into smaller organizations? As the years rolled on our “umbrella” became larger. Dan said poignantly, “AIDS and other common enemies brought many folks together and our umbrella became larger.” Whereas before many organizations were private and very secretive, now they were larger and sought different areas large enough to house them. As this was occurring our sense of community was being tested in new ways. According to Hardy Haberman, “Today we have numbers, but do we really have strength in numbers?”

One of the largest reasons for forming a community was to protect ourselves from outside enemies. Although, one may argue that in today’s society BDSM, Homosexuality, or Kink in general is more accepted, for many years these things would get you arrested or worse. So now that we have come together and formed sub-cultures do we still have one defining characteristic? Dan offered, “We once had one thing that united us, but now it seems that everyone in their separate groups has their own thing.” Perhaps from the joining together we have lost something that united us across several boundaries.

When we were smaller and tighter, we could easily know each other and encourage or discourage activities. As any group or community begins to grow you lose a level of intimacy that exists so easily with just a few. This problem is expressed in many aspects of our culture; just look at the rise of mega-churches. We are all united but still we identify and belong to other banners. How do we regulate ourselves? When there are 20 people in a group it is easy to keep tabs, watch others, and protect ourselves. Dan continued, “There was a time when NLA Dallas was just a small group of people. Now we are at over 100 members.”

How do we as a community handle issues or problems when our umbrella is so large? In one example Dan told of a group of puppies that were randomly interacting with people and biting them. When questioned, the puppies merely replied that they were dogs…what did you expect? With the age of the Internet we are gaining new friends but also losing our sense of respecting our community. Our umbrella has become so large and our sub cultures so varied that we are having trouble keeping up.

So what is a community? From where we started and where we are now, how do we prepare for our future? Many questions were asked by Dan and the answers were often never the same. Discussions could have lasted for far longer but it was important that we become aware of our sense of community. Do we need all these sub-groups or has their original purpose been served? Is it time to collapse the umbrella of community to a more manageable size? Ultimately, you must decide how you view community and how to serve it.

Sep 012015

As we continue to get to know the people who make up NLA Dallas we next turn the spotlight on Master Neko who is currently serving as the Male Co-Chair. A big thanks to Neko for taking the time to answer our questions.

  1. What first brought you to NLA?

When I was first exploring the leather community in Dallas, I found NLA-Dallas. I found the people to be engaging, knowledgeable and friendly. I joined then and haven’t looked back. ​

  1. What is it about NLA that makes it feel like home to you?

​That it’s a great place to grow and connect with like-minded leather folk.​

  1. If pressed, I’d identify myself as…

​A kinky, bisexual Leather Master with a sadistic feral side. ​

  1. Define what “Leather” is to you?

​Leather to me is a path you must craft for yourself. My leather path is based in the Code of Bushido. Simply put, I believe my walk should consist of having courage to do what’s right, compassion for others, acting honorably, living in integrity, showing respect, living a sincere life, and always being loyal. My leather family is the House of Blood and Ice. We live by these words and what you’ll find on our leather vests and in our hearts.

  1. What are your top 3 Leather/kink passions?

​If we’re talking play, it’s rough body, rope, leather sex.​ And kink education – I love giving back to our community through educating. That’s three, right?​

  1. What are your top 3 Vanilla passions?

​Homemade, Vanilla Bean, and French (with an emphasis on French) – We’re talking ice

cream, right?​

  1. What was your first experience with Leather?

​When I was in my twenties, I was invited by a friend to a party. He warned me it was not the usual party atmosphere. Curious, I went. At the party, I saw the hostess was a tall woman, dripping in leather. She had a total of six people in leather gear and collars serving her and her guests. We met and I found her fascinating. She could engage on most any topic I brought up. She gave me a tour of her home, which included a large dungeon. I found myself in the midst of my first play party. As I began to ask questions about what I was seeing, she began explaining leather to me. She spoke of scenes, leather sex, and the heart of what she found in leather. It was the Code of Bushido. This resonated in me deeply. And thus, my first paw stepped on the leather path I dearly love.

  1. What is your most memorable Leather moment?

​Watching my kitten (slave) don her vest for the first time.​

  1. What do you feel NLA is doing well?

​I feel like we’re beginning to connect to our community again. We have an established bar night with a good number of members coming out. Beyond Vanilla is bigger than ever and growing every year. We’re participating in more activities outside of our own meetings and I’d like to see that continue. ​

  1. What changes would you like to see in NLA?

​I’d like to see the growth continue and more positivity return to our work. There are so many good things going on that we lose sight of when picking on something we don’t like in the organization. ​We’ve got good people doing good things here at NLA-D.


Aug 272015

Sat Aug 29th – Dallas Eagle- United Court of the Lone Star Empire (UCLSE) Hot Summer Blues Show from 7-10pm

*Dallas Eagle from 7-10 the South Central Leather Sir/boy & Community Boot Black send-off party to wish them luck on the road to the International LS/LB/CBB Contests.


Sun Aug 30th – Club Reflection – International Court de Fort Worth Arlington (ICFWA) Cookout and Rubber Ducky Race from 4-7pm

*Club Reflection – IGRA Show from 7-10pm

**Round-Up Saloon – TGRA-Dallas: Yellow Rose Contest from 7-11pm

Tue Sep 1st – Resource Center- NLA Dallas General Membership Meeting from 7-9pm & remember we are voting on a new MAL and having a vote & fundraiser for the Fall Frolick Silent Auction Beneficiary. Our top choice of charity goes before the NTXCC Board as our nominee. Your $1’s equal your vote for the number one choice & will go to our auction basket.

Wed Sep 2nd – Hidden Door- T-Bear Club Night from 7-10pm

The ILSB/ICBB Weekend at The Dallas Eagle

Thu Sep 3rd – Dallas Eagle – The ILSB Weekend “Wide-Opener”

Fri Sep 4th – Dallas Eagle – Leather Knights, Leather Night from 9-11pm

*Dallas Eagle – ILSB/ICBB

Sat Sep 5th – Dallas Eagle -7-10pm UCLSE: Friends Helping Friends Show w/ Donna Dumae


Sun Sep 6th – Dallas Eagle has Trash Disco Night from 5-9pm

*Club Reflection: Condom Queen of the Parking Lot; a Fundraising Event with Rubbers!

Wed Sep 9th – Fall Frolick Planning Meeting – 7pm in Dallas -at the home of Messy & Larry. We can always use more help and ideas. Please email me for the address if you would like to attend: leo@nladallas.org

*Club Reflection- from 7-10 is the ICFWA & Cowtown Leathermen Game Night

Thu Sep 10th – Club Reflection- TGRA Distribution Show from 7-10pm

Fri Sep 11th – Dallas Eagle – Discipline Corps bar night from 10 – Midnight

Sat Sep 12th – United Court of the Lone Star Empire (UCLSE): Candidate Announcements

*Club Reflection rear parking lot hosts: Jennings Street Jam, all day long!

**Club Reflection-Mr Cowtown Leather Contest presented by the Cowtown Leathermen 7-9pm

***Dallas Eagle – NLA-Dallas Bar Night from 7-9pm

****Dallas Eagle – UCLSE: Danielle Star’s Stop the Bullying Show from 7-10pm


Sun Sep 13th – Discipline Corps Play-party 12-6 (see a member at the bar night for info)

*United Court of the Lone Star Empire (UCLSE) Executive Board Meeting from 1:30-3 at Youth First Texas. Then from 3-5 is the UCLSE General Membership Meeting in same location.

**Club Reflection- Cowtown Leathermen Cookout/Fundraiser from 4-7pm

***Club Reflection- ICFWA/TGRA: Turnabout Show from 7-10pm

Mon Sep 14th- Club Changes- Cowtown Leathermen Club Meeting from 7-9pm

Wed Sep 16th – SLUTS Club Night- Hidden Door Back Bar- 7:30-10:30pm

Thu Sep 17th – UCLSE: Boxers Or Briefs Auction from 7-10pm

Club Reflection-Rhonda Mae’s Wall of Food Show 9-11pm w/sponsors The Trinity River Bears

Dallas Gay Pride Weekend with parties all weekend at the Dallas Eagle

Sat Sep 19th – UCLSE: Messy’s Gay Pride Show from 6:30-10:30pm


Sun Sep 20th – Allan Ross Gay Pride Parade down Cedar Springs

*TGRA will have a Beer Booth at Lee Park at the end of the parade route

**Tarrant County Gay Pride Assoc Meeting from 3-5pm at “Baron’s House”

***Club Reflection – IGRA Show from 7-10pm


****Wed Sep 9th-Fall Frolick Planning Meeting – 7pm in Dallas -at the home of Messy & Larry. We can always use more help and ideas. Please email me for the address if you would like to attend: leo@nladallas.org


****Sun Oct 4th-NTXCC Meeting Time & Location to be determined. Please email me for the detail if you would like to attend: leo@nladallas.org


Aug 252015

Well, you decide. This coming Tuesday, September 1st, put your money to the vote and support the charitable cause you think needs our help. The 5th Annual NTXCC Fall Frolick Event is coming up the weekend of November 20-22. For the past two years the silent auction held during Fall Frolick has raised well over $6400 for North Texas Charities. The beneficiaries of those monies are chosen by the member clubs of NTXCC. One charity in Tarrant county and one in Dallas county.


NLA gets to vote for their choice for the Dallas county charity. Whichever one wins your support will be championed by your NLA Rep at the NTXCC Board Meeting when all of the various reps and the Board itself votes on the two recipient charities for this year’s Fall Frolick Silent Auction. Remember, 100% of the proceeds from the auction is divided between the two and NTXCC adds $1000 to each. Last year that was right at $1,652 each!


Here are the nominees put forth at the last General Membership Meeting:


1) Youth First Texas: Founded in 1999 with the sole mission of helping the more than 50,000 estimated LGBTQ youth within the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. This 501c3 nonprofit provides a mentors program, life coaching services, Email-Pals peer support group, youth leadership programs, computer training labs, recreational programs and social events, not to mention multiple support groups including Latino, young women, and high-school groups.

Find out more at: www.YouthFirstTexas.com


2) Greg Dollgener Memorial Aids Fund (GDMAF, Inc): Since 1996, GDMAF has assisted over 1,500 people using more than $300,000 to meet such needs as rent, medication co-pays, utility bills, and various emergency payments. Most of those helped are on Social Security programs and/or living on low, fixed incomes that cannot meet their needs. For them, life’s unexpected emergencies can be catastrophic and lead to homelessness.

Discover how you can help at: www.gdmaf.org


3) Resource Center Dallas: Starting in 1983 the Resource Center had provided programs to LGBT individuals and critical assistance to people affected by HIV/AIDS. The Center is proud of its commitment to and delivery of critical resources to those needing help during difficult times. Through fundraising, outreach programs, and community activism the Center has been a beacon of hope for the LGBT community.

See more of the many opportunities at: www.myresourcecenter.org


4) Sharon St Cyr Fund, Inc (SSC Fund): The fund began in 2009 to bring awareness to the deaf and hearing-impaired community. Their mission is that together, with the community, the SSC Fund will create different programs to raise funds to provide hearing aids for hearing-impaired individuals and provide grants to organizations for ASL interpreting services for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

To learn about SSC go to: www.sscfund.com


How do you get to vote for the one you would like to receive this year’s funds? There will be four buckets at check in. Each will be labeled with one of the four charities and every cash bill you put in is 1 vote. So, $1 = 1 vote and $10 = 10 votes. The winner will be announced before the end of the GM that night. I will have $1’s if anybody needs change.


All the funds raised by your votes will go to buy at least one basket of goodies to go into the silent auction in the name of NLA-Dallas. If there is enough there can be two or more baskets it all depends on your generosity. Any monies not spent on the basket(s) will go directly into the recipient fund to be split between this year’s charities.


Thank you all for your generous Leather hearts.

~Boy Leo

Aug 152015
As we continue to get to know the people who make up NLA Dallas, Fred happily took the time to answer our 10 questions. Also while Fred didn’t mention it here he recently competed for the title of Great Plains Olympus Leather  and won the title.
1. What first brought you to NLA?
I first started coming to NLA in 2005, I was 21 years old and just now able to get into the bars legally, I had attended a few Discipline Corps play parties at Sanctuary but I was still trying to find myself as I was that awkward, shy person who didn’t really talk to anyone or know how to introduce myself. I started to hang out with the DFW Power Exchange at Sanctuary each month and attend Fourth Fridays at Papa’s BBQ when I heard about the National Leather Association. I came out to the monthly meetings a few times and would listen and learn, becoming a Member in October 2005 after attending my first Beyond Vanilla.

2. What is it about NLA that makes it feel like home to you?

NLA feels like home because of the people in the organization, it’s a friendly group that has always made me feel welcome at meetings. A safe place to learn about leather and kink.

3. If pressed, I’d identify myself as…

A Leather Top and a Daddy, someone who likes to teach and mentor others.

4. Define what “Leather” is to you?

Leather has always been very personal to me, it’s the feel of it on your body, the power and that hot sexy feel against your skin, the smell filling the air.

5. What are your top 3 Leather/kink passions?

Boots and Leather Care, Bondage with whatever toys I have including Rope, and Fisting.

6. What are your top 3 Vanilla passions?

Cigars, Reading and Photography

7. What was your first experience with Leather?

My first experience with leather was going down to Shades of Grey and buying my first leather vest in 2002, I had purchased it from Johnny Grey.

8. What is your most memorable Leather moment?

In 2008, I had decided to run for Gulf Coast Community Bootblack and won, I would attend a lot of events that year and finally started to feel like I was coming out of my shell, that I wasn’t that awkward, shy person anymore and as I got to know people better, they got to know me. I became more included in things and started to feel like Dallas was my home.

9. What do you feel NLA is doing well?

NLA has always made me feel included, that I was welcome regardless of how I identify or what I was into, the workshops change and cover a variety of topics I’m interested in and as a member I feel like I have a voice in the direction of the organization.
10. What changes would you like to see in NLA?
I can’t think of any changes for NLA, one thing I thought we were lacking in years past was being more social as a leather organization. We now have a bar night the second Saturday of each month at the Dallas Eagle, we are also at Fourth Friday at Papa’s BBQ more often, we have Leather Perspectives for those interested in more about the history.I think the direction we are going in is wonderful and wish more people would step up and volunteer.
Aug 132015

2015 08 Leather Perspectives

Saturday August 22nd
2:00 PM
(Doors open at 1:30 PM)
The Dallas Eagle
FREE for members
$5 for non-members (Join for $25/year!)

Facebook Event Page

FetLife Event Page

In August we will have Master Tallen speaking on His Leather Journey

For more information visit www.NLADallas.org

The fourth Saturday of each month NLA-Dallas invites a person walking a leather journey, to present on leather related topic from his or her perspective (as there is no “one twue way”).

Doors will open at 1:30 pm and the class will start at 2 pm. The session will be held at our local leather & Levi bar, The Dallas Eagle!

• This class is FREE to NLA Dallas members and $5 for non-members.
• Bring a friend with you who might be interested in the leather/fetish/SM lifestyle!
• Members, please be sure to bring your current NLA card.
• Non-members can join for $25/yr.
Attendees must be at least 21 years of age based on the location.

Leather Perspectives is a monthly event sponsored by NLA-Dallas. NLA-Dallas is a DFW based organization focused on the education of those interested in and/or living the leather/SM/fetish lifestyle. As a gateway leather club, NLA-Dallas is open to people of all walks of life regardless of orientation or identification. We invite you to join us for a General Membership meeting on the first Tuesday of each month, a Leather Perspectives on the fourth Saturday of each month, or an Advanced Workshop each quarter.

Master Tallen’s Bio

International Mr. Olympus Leather 2011

Master Tallen came into the Master/slave lifestyle in 1997 as a slave. He began his evolution into Mastery in early 2002 and is proud of where his journey has taken him. He has experienced a lot on both sides, and with the help of many, has been exposed to numerous perspectives. He enjoys sharing his experiences with others and trying to help them find their own paths. He has presented classes and judged Leather Contests all over the U.S. and beyond.

Currently Master Tallen is an owner of Great Plains Olympus Leather Contest, is the Executive Producer of International Puppy and Trainer Contest, and is on the Board of Regents of Leathermens’ Academy. He is a Member of NLA Dallas, DPEX, and MAsT.

In 2005, he created the Master/slave Flag. In 2008 he won the Leather title as Northeast Master. In 2011 he became Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather, and subsequently was honored to be selected as International Mr. Olympus Leather 2011.

He loves sharing what he has experienced as well hearing from others. He is also honored to have received many Pantheon of Leather nominations over the years. But the most rewarding thing of all has been the countless number of people he has helped along in their own journeys. Their successes, and words of thanks to him, mean more than anything.

Aug 022015

We are bringing back the members spotlight and will be highlighting two of our members every month so we can all get to know each other a little better. Our first highlighted member is our new Female Co-Chair Audra.

Audra has graciously agreed to answer these 10 questions to help us get to know her better.

1. What first brought you to NLA?

My friends were involved and I was intrigued with what being leather was. I figured the easiest way to learn was to come to meetings and watch and learn.

2. What is it about NLA that makes it feel like home to you?

The friendships. The fact that we might not agree on how to accomplish a goal but in the end most of us will compromise to do what is best for the group.

3. If pressed, I’d identify myself as… a leather service oriented slave with a side of brat and a smidge of sarcastic little. :)

4. Define what “Leather” is to you?

To me it is a family of individuals who uphold honor, integrity, and honesty who work together and while holding each other accountable are forgiving of mistakes made that are awcknowledged and worked on to not happen again.

5. What are your top 3 Leather/kink passions?

Bootblacking, knives and education

6. What are your top 3 Vanilla passions?

Molding our kids to be stewards of their future , reading, coloring lol

7. What was your first experience with Leather?
I was honored to be surrounded by people who were leather from the second I stepped into the lifestyle however my first experience outside of just small interactions was going to my first event at Women in Leather and the easy camaraderie and feeling of family and acceptance that I found. Of course those feelings were after I got used to feeling like prey. :)

8. What is your most memorable Leather moment?

I have two when I was gifted my “boots” and later my vest. My boots fit my personality since they were three pairs of leather heels. :) Some don’t get it or approve but it’s my journey not theirs so I get to walk it on my terms. The boots and vest were all legacy items owned by the individual who honored me with them.

9. What do you feel NLA is doing well?
I feel we are finally coming together setting our differences aside and trying to move the organization forward together. We still have challenges but if we work together we can do it.

10. What changes would you like to see in NLA?

I would like to see us having frank honest conversations with each other. If you think someone is doing something wrong or not above board then go ask them  about it first. Their answer might surprise you. Remember whispering behind backs and spreading unverified rumors will destroy us not move us forward. If your scared to ask them come to me because I am not afraid to ask difficult questions.