Sep 222014

If you are asking “what camp outs” I have the answer for you. Some of the best camp outs occur at a private camp site about two hours south of D/FW in Cameron, Texas. The Texas Conference of Clubs owns the Buzzard’s Peak land site down there and is the official camp site for a number of clubs across Texas. Some of the member clubs are Cowtown Leathermen, NLA-Houston, Discipline Corps, Trinity River Bears, and soon NLA Dallas.

With the help of some of your dedicated volunteers from the NLA-Dallas-EC we have submitted our paperwork for membership with TCC. We will have access to utilize the site and put on our own events. Many of the member clubs come to the various events and some may be willing to co-host with us thereby lending us their experience and helping to guarantee additional attendance.

The site boasts a full chef’s kitchen with walk in cooler, shower house, toilet house and a combo shower/toilet house with a clean out station that is right next to the compound. Oh, yes… the compound is the “play area” for the camp. Slings, benches, crosses, and much more, including a big cast iron bath tub for… “play.” There is still more, an above ground pool with a large deck around it, RV hook-ups, tent grounds with electrical outlets, and a stage for shows and special events. This place also has loads of trails for hiking and is clothing optional.

How can you have fun and help to make this a success for NLA-Dallas? Attend some maintenance weekends or some events with one of the other clubs. Check the calendar of events:

Simply click on the event you are interested in learning more about and follow the links to read more about the club organizing the event including any needed admission paperwork and the run fee. The cost for an event may be anywhere from $25 on up to $80 depending on the club. Those fees would include the standard $15 TCC per person fee and all food and drinks. Sometimes alcohol is provided depending on the club and the run.

Most of the time the maintenance weekend is the third weekend of the month and are free to attend. The idea is for those attending to help keep the site in good repair and to have a fun time doing it. This would also be a great way to visit and see all there is about the site before paying an event fee with one of the clubs. The entire site is open for use at the maintenance weekend so once the work is done the play can start. Food for Saturday breakfast and dinner is often provided and as part of your donated time you can offer to cook something up.

A majority of the events are open to everyone. However, there are two clubs that I know of that are male only; Austin Gay Nudists and Discipline Corps. To make sure of “open attendance” do look at the TCC Calendar and follow the club links to read up on the event.

Here is a short list of some upcoming events:

Bound By Desire; Oct 3-5

Hot Bears; Oct 10-12

TCC Maintenance Weekend & Board Quarterly Meeting; Oct 17-19

Boy Leo is the DC Rep and will be presenting NLA-Dallas for membership plus working hard to maintain the site. Please join us there to see the site and how the Board works for all members and to keep the site open.

Discipline Corps; Oct 24-26

Trinity River Bears (TRB) & Fire Dancers Houston: Dances with Bears, A Black Forest Event

“Halloween Special” weekend of Oct 31-Nov 2 (event is renowned for awesome food)

Touch of Leather; Nov 7-9

Calendar link:


Please take the time to have a lot of fun at this beautiful site. I have gotten to know many of the good folks that work and play out at the TCC camp and I am proud to be able to represent NLA-Dallas there. Come out and join us for a maintenance weekend so you can explore the site, meet other like minded people, help with some work, and then relax around a fire with good food and fun tales. Don’t forget all of the events that are open for you too. I have grown to love Buzzard’s Peak and hope to share all it has to offer with you. Come out to see what you have been missing!

I am available for questions:

Hope to see you out there,

Boy Leo

Aug 262014

Where, oh where, are you tonight… or tomorrow, maybe next week? Use these dates to plan your calendar and then you will know where you are going to be. Your community needs you to become part of something greater. Go get involved and together we can make a better future for everyone.


1) Wed Aug 27 from 7:30-10:30 is the UCLSE Club Night at the Hidden Door


2) Sat Aug 10 from 6-10 is the UCLSE 18th Annual Friends Helping Friends Show


3) Wed Sep 3 from 7-10 is the T-Bears Club Night at the Hidden Door


4) Sat Sep 6 from 7-10 is the IGRA Finals Fundraiser at the Hidden Door

*UCLSE: Stop the Madness Show from 7-10 at The Eagle


5) Sun Sep 7 from 1-3 is the TGRA Chapter Meeting at the Roundup


6) Mon Sep 8 from 7:30-9:30 is the Leather Knights Membership Meeting at Youth First


7) Fri Sep 12 from 9-12 is the Discipline Corps Bar Night at the Eagle


8) Sat Sep 13 from 7-10 is NLA Bar Night at the Eagle

*TGRA Southern Comfort Dallas from 7-10 at the Hidden Door


9) Sun Sep 14 DC Play Party 12-6; sponsor &/or tickets required (see Fri Sep 12 bar night)

*UCLSE-EC Meeting from 1:30-3 at Youth First Texas followed by their General Membership meeting from 3-5


10) Wed Sep 17 from 8-10 is SLUTS Club night at the Hidden Door

*Trinity River Bears: Rhonda Mae’s Wall of Food Show from 9-11 at Club Changes in FW


11) Sat Sep 20 from 6:30-10 is Messy’s Gay Pride Show at the Hidden Door

*Leather Knights: Leather Night from 10-12 at the Eagle


12) Wed Sep 24 UCLSE Club Night 7:30-10:30 at the Hidden Door


As always the NTXCC Community Calendar is up and ready to help you plan your fun.


Plus we have our own calendar of events too. Visit and see what NLA is up to.


Just click that link to see the calendar. If you want more info just click on the entry and get the details. If you have anything that should be added to the community calendar drop a line with the details to me at and I will send them along to be listed.


Go, support, and be a part of your community! Hope to see you!

Boy Leo

Aug 142014

Walking the path of Spirituality within BDSM,

an afternoon with Master Z

By: Bushido Bard

Spirituality and religion are often spoken of together as if the two are inseparable. Master Z suggests that your spirituality can be separate from your religion or fully integrated with it. Although he officially joined Leather in 2000 Master Z says he has been following his spiritual path ever since he can remember. Growing up he was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools for education; headed on the track to become a priest in his family’s tradition. Things were going great but there was something missing in his life.

After joining the NLA he began another journey finding his spirituality. Exploring the various aspects of this lifestyle he determined he was a service Top. He enjoyed giving back to others and the community. In part this is why he travels all over the United States giving presentations on various BDSM topics. In all discussions he stressed that this lifestyle is a journey and that as soon as one ends, another begins.

Master Z began speaking about various points in his life that were significant to his journey; both spiritual and Leather. Although he would say that the two are not mutually exclusive! A wonderful example he gave was from the children’s book named The Velveteen Rabbit. Characters were discussing the concept of what is real and it spoke to Master Z in a meaningful way. It made him focus on his path and come to a certain realization. This truth was that you cannot make yourself something you are not. You cannot decide to become a slave; you either are a slave or you are not. Forcing yourself to become one only harms you and your journey.

What is our calling? Master Z stressed this question greatly because it is something that drives him. “In different points in my life I have had a drive that called to me,” he said. “If I ignored the calling or the passion then I felt empty.” Once that call has been sounded do you have the courage to live it with integrity? Master Z pointed out many times in the presentation that answering your call takes a commitment, but that also you will be the better for it. Learning to hear that calling is the first step.

There are three types of energy or thoughts that permeate who you are according to Master Z. There are physical, intellectual, and spiritual modes that are at work. Your physical is the simplest to explain. It is who you are on the outside and how you choose to present yourself. Your intellectual energies are spent learning new things and experiences. There is always something new to learn and eventually master. Your spiritual energy is who you really are; your authentic self. With regards to your spiritual energy you cannot deny what it is because it is your truest self. It is important to know yourself so you can grow on your journey. By recognizing and harnessing these three energies you can begin to reach your personal truth.

When comparing your spiritual journey to the M/s relationship, Master Z says the two paths share a unique quality; the role of Master. “We all have a Master,” he said. No matter how you see yourself or what path you tread everyone has a Master they must serve in order to proceed. This Master can be physical, mental, or spiritual. In the simplest terms you can see this relationship when you consider that regardless of which side of the slash a Christian is on, their Master is still Jesus. Sometimes the student becomes the Master and this just means the next path has opened before you.

Obviously not one path fits all. What’s most important is the integrity we live with our calling when we travel along our truth. In his final words Master Z imparted this bit of wisdom: “You will succeed whenever you obey your Master; whatever you decide that Master is.”

Jul 232014

The August Bound Rose meeting is Wednesday August 6.

The demo of the night will be delivered by Krestal Snow and will be about “Sensation” and how all of your senses can enhance a scene. Below you will find a short bio about this months presenter.

Please RSVP

Some upcoming topics in the next several months are:
•stapling with Master Neko
•improvised single tail with Master TC
•Rough body play with Master Gustov
•interrogation with Sir Hardy

Of course the evening is always available to practice any skill that you would like. As always if you want me to line up someone knowledgeable in a skill, please let me know.

Please bring a snack to share, as many people don’t have time to eat between work and the meeting. If my health permits I will make a pot of beans/franks.

Krestal Snow Bio
Began in this lifestyle in a submissive role, though I doubt anyone would concede that I was ever fully successful as one. I did, however, learn many valuable lessons during that year and I believe that it has made me a better Mistress to my slave. I have benefited from the tutelage of many of the communities best teachers and cherish every moment I have had with them and look forward to learning more in the coming years. I am a proud member of the 2011 DMP graduating class. I like playing all over the toy box and consider myself an equal opportunity pain distributor (shamelessly stolen moniker, but true). And while I have been formally “in the L/s” for about 5 years, I have been telling people what to do for decades.

I am married to my boy, beau, who has been my slave for two years, after a year under consideration. Our relationship is based on an explicit exchange of power and a deep seated love for each other. He completed DsMP in 2012.

We love sensation play and I like to engage all five senses. This is a hands on class so please bring your toys! We will also have a surprise or two for everyone.

Jul 192014

Generation Leather

Raising children and growing up in Leather

By Bushido_Bard

You may already be familiar with Leather families but on June 28th we were introduced to the concept of children growing up in a Leather family. What is the experience like for them? What is it like to raise your children to walk the Leather path? Fyrehold is Leather family that resides in central Texas and has raised two children who have now grown into adults. One has chosen to begin her Leather journey while the other has not; both are still loved and valued. Perhaps more importantly both have grown into well-adjusted adults.

The presenters included, House Fyrehold; MizLilly, Zap, and their daughter Becca. They were joined by Ms. Cenna and members of her house to teach us their experiences in raising children in Leather. All those presenting wanted to make the point of saying that in their cases they simply offered the information on the Leather lifestyle to their children and if they were interested they would show them. If any of their children were not interested, they would not push this upon them.

The first point to be made is that children growing up in a family that follows Leather receive as much or more love and attention than any other child in another household. MizLilly was the first to say that any children in this lifestyle will be brought up to develop an open mind and an independently thinking brain. These children will understand unconditional love and pass it on to other generations. Being open and honest builds a strong bond that the children will remember and it establishes a mode of trust between child and parent.

According to MizLilly and Zap no subjects were ever taboo when growing up. Some explanations were obviously tailored so that the child could understand. Children will react to what they see and observe. In Ms. Cenna’s case for example, she had a man in service to her doing chores and other things around the house on a weekly basis. When her young boy asked, “Why does that man keep coming over?” She thought about it and simply replied, “Bill? He is helping me getting some work done around the house.” Completely satisfied with that answer he walked off and went back to doing what kids do best.

Becca spoke of her experiences growing up in a Leather family as a child and then as an adult. When asked what was the weirdest thing you ever saw she replied that it wasn’t until she was 13 and she walked in on a rope scene. She was old enough to understand what was going on and decided to turn away. “After that” she remarked, “I remembered to be careful when walking into a room.” “As I steadily grew older,” she continued, “I would ask questions and my parents would explain things in ways I would understand. As a child I remembered there being various people staying or visiting the house and this was normal to me. These people were not strangers; rather they actively tried to spend time with me. As I grew older I realized that my parents were poly and it was important to them that their partners recognize me and my role within the family.”

Many questions were asked about when you tell your children about the lifestyle because they will attend school or other activities and see that things are different. All presenters again agreed that the best time to tell them is when they ask. Don’t be in a rush to explain everything to them. When they have a question they will ask it, and it is important to explain it in a way they will understand. Something that was also mentioned often that mirrors the Leather lifestyle; integrity. They will quickly discover that other kids don’t have the same life. Discretion is important in these situations but never lie! Explain to them that every household is different and that the other kids will have traditions or experiences that are unique to their families.

In closing all presenters wanted to state again that the most important facet of this experience is being open and honest with your kids. There’s no need to ever look at them when they ask a question and say, “No!” They’re your children. Tell them that discretion is needed while they grow up but that always they are loved and valued. If they decide to walk a Leather path, wonderful! If they decide the vanilla path, just as wonderful! Whatever path they choose they will know that they have loving parents who never lied to them and taught them to be honest and honorable adults.

Jul 152014

It’s HOT in North Texas! And if the sun don’t make ya all sweaty and sticky some good times with good people just might! Get out and find some friends both old and new and be a part of something greater. Your community. Get involved and help us all make a better future for everyone.

1) Wed July 16 from 8-10 is SLUTS Club night at the Hidden Door

*Trinity River Bears: Rhonda Mae’s Wall of Food Show from 9-11 at Club Changes in Ft Worth

2) Thur July 17 from 8-11pm The Wall of Food Show with Rhonda Mae at Club Reflection

3) Fri July 18 from 7-10pm is UCLSE: Pride Color Show hosted by the CPR’s at Dallas Eagle

4) Sat July 19 from 6-10pm UCLSE: Idol Imitation Show at Dallas Eagle

*Court de Ft Worth from 7-11pm “Bastille Day” Celebration at Celebration Community Church

**Leather Knights “Leather Night” from 10-12 at the Dallas Eagle

5) Sun July 20 from 2-5pm Cowtown Leathermen Cookout at Club Reflection

*UCLSE: C&D Dinner for Trash Disco at the Dallas Eagle

**Court de Ft Worth Show from 7-9:30 at Club Reflection

6) Tues July 22 from 6:30-8:30 Court de Ft Worth Board Meeting at the AIDS Outreach Center

7) Wed July 23 from 7:30-10:30 UCLSE Club Night at The Hidden Door, back bar

*The Wall of Food Show with Rhonda Mae from 8-9pm at Club Changes

8) Fri July 25 from 7-10pm the UCLSE: Happy Birthday Show at the Dallas Eagle

9) Sunday July 27 Court de Ft Worth Meeting 1-3pm at Cancer Care Services, 623 S. Henderson

* UCLSE: Grand Duckies Variety Show from 6-10 at the Dallas Eagle

10) Tues July 29 from 7-9pm NLA-Dallas EC Meeting at Resource Center, 2701 Reagan St

11) Sun Aug 3 from 1-3pm the UCLSE Board Meeting at Youth First Texas on Harry Hines

*TGRA Dallas: Chapter Meeting from 1:30-3:30 at the Round Up Saloon

As always the NTXCC Community Calendar is up and ready to help you plan your fun.

Plus we have our own calendar of events too. Visit and see what NLA is up to.

Just click that link to see the calendar. If you want more info just click on the entry and get the details. If you have anything that should be added to the community calendar drop a line with the details to me at and I will send them along to be listed.

Go, support, and be a part of your community! Hope to see you!

Boy Leo

Jun 272014

NLA Dallas members,

Next month is our annual elections. If you have ever thought about running for a position now is the time.

We have the following positions open:

Male Co – Chair – we have one nominee- Neko


Social Chair

Programs – we have one nominee – koneko

Marketing- we have one nominee – Sharon

5 member At Large positions – we have three nominees – McLanahan, TC and Griff

Please send your nominations and introduction letters to myself and Neko. Below are the job descriptions.

Respects in Leather,
Debi and Neko

8. Roles and Responsibilities of the EC Members

8.1. Members-at-Large [MaL]:

8.1.1.  There will be one elected Member-at-Large position on the EC for each full count of 25 Chapter members. The number of Members-at-Large to be elected for the incoming EC is determined by the number of general members at the time of nominations each June prior to the election in July.
8.1.2.  The Members-at-Large are spokespersons for the general membership and assist with special projects on the EC and usually are assigned to also assist specific EC members such as the Membership Chair, Program Chair, NewsLeather Editor, Treasurer, and/or Social Chair.
8.1.3.  Each Member-at-Large shall have the responsibility to attend all Executive Committee and General Membership meetings for NLA-Dallas. Members-at-Large will assist those positions as designated by the Executive Committee. Members-at-Large will participate in special projects or tasks as determined by the Executive Committee or recommended by the general membership and approved by the Executive Committee.
8.2 Co Chair:8.2.1.  The Co-Chairs shall have the responsibility to attend all Executive Committee and General Membership meetings for NLA-Dallas.

8.2.2.  The Co-Chairs shall be the Chief Executives of the Chapter, and as such, are the official spokespersons for the Chapter.

8.2.3.  Subject to such delegations of authority and responsibility as the Co-Chairs may choose to make, and to such limitations or modifications as may be imposed by the membership or these Policies, the Co- Chairs shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and of the General Membership and shall be in charge of the general management of the affairs of the Chapter; including the implementation and enforcement of all orders, resolutions, and other legislation enacted by the membership.

8.2.4.  One and/or both Co-Chairs shall serve as ex-officio members of all committees of the Chapter.

8.2.5.  The Co-Chairs shall perform all the duties incident to the office and such other duties as may, from time-to-time, be designated by the Executive Committee or the membership.
8.3. Treasurer:
8.3.1.  The Treasurer shall have the responsibility to attend all Executive Committee and General Membership meetings for NLA-Dallas.
8.3.2.  Subject to requirements of law and such assignments, and instructions and limitations imposed by the membership, the Treasurer shall have care and custody of all funds and securities of the Club in such bank or other institution as the Executive Committee may direct.
8.3.3.  The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements, issue bills for all monies owed to the Chapter, render regular or special reports on the financial state and affairs of the Chapter as the Executive Committee, or the membership may direct, and coordinate the financial affairs of the Chapter as required by law and imposed by the Executive Committee and the membership.
8.3.4.  Checks, drafts, notes and orders for payment of monies subject to such delegations, limitations, conditions, and requirements upon the power to so sign, authorized, or imposed by the Executive Committee or the membership, shall only be signed by one of the two co-chairs and the treasurer.

8.6 Program Chair:

8.6.1.  The Program Chair shall have the responsibility to attend all Executive Committee and General Membership meetings for NLA-Dallas.

8.6.2.  Subject to such limitations or modifications as may be imposed by the membership or these Policies, the Program Chair or designee(s) shall have the responsibility for planning, staffing, and supervision of regularly scheduled monthly meetings and advanced workshops,

8.6.3.  shall organize instruction in SM safety;
8.6.4.  shall, either personally or through delegation, be responsible for the planning and the execution of special educational events. .

8.7 Social Chair:

8.7.1.  The Social Chair shall have the responsibility to attend all Executive Committee and General Membership meetings for NLA-Dallas.

8.7.2.  Subject to such limitations or modifications as may be imposed by the membership or these bylaws, the Social Chair or designee(s) shall have the responsibility for planning, staffing, and supervision of regularly scheduled social events; such as dinner after monthly meetings, summer socials, Halloween Howl, and the December Holiday Party,
8.7.3.  shall prepare event schedules for approval by the Executive Committee and membership;
8.7.4.  shall, either personally or through delegation, be responsible for the planning and the execution of special events, and shall be responsible for media relations.

8.10. Marketing Director

8.10.1.  Is an Officer and member of the EC, and shall attend all EC and general membership meetings

8.10.2.  Recruits and manages any required number of assistants are recommended, e.g. for, Technical and Artistic, as well as for general work. Assistants should include MAL’s and general members who volunteer.

8.10.3. Creates a marketing plan and budget for NLA-D, including event and club messaging, for outreach to the community and other clubs, and for marketing of activities to the membership and the community as appropriate

8.10.4. Creates marketing materials. I.e., ads, cards, flyers, posters, pins, patches, t-shirts, etc. to support the marketing plan.

8.10.5. Handles buying and selling of ad space. I.e., placing ads in run books, publications and websites, and selling the ad space for the Newsleather, as called for in the marketing plan

8.10.6.  Distributes marketing materials. I.e., cards, flyers, posters, etc. per the marketing plan

8.10.7.  For the annual Pride Parade, primary responsibility for the float decoration and marketing pieces (beads and marketing pieces), works with Social Director to do event registration and recruits volunteers.8.10.8. Supports Co-chairs for media relations.
Jun 202014

Hello to one and all!

The July meeting of Bound Rose is Wednesday July 2 at The Sanctuary. To get back into the swing of things I will be giving the demo on cupping. I have taught this class several times many moons ago and hope to provide you with entertainment as well as useful information and ideas. All the various methods of cupping from fire to suction will be shown.

If you would like to practice fire cupping bring several small Voltaire candle holders. Please make sure the rims do not have any nick or rough spots. You will also need a lighter and a few coins. I will supply the cotton and alcohol. (not the drinking kind) LOL

The concept of Bound Rose is to provide time and space where people can practice or improve new skills. After the demo the dungeon will be open for your use. Please remember this is for education and practice and will not follow the ‘standard’ dungeon rules. There will be no music and talking, questions and sharing are encouraged. So, if you are ‘playing’ be aware that people might interrupt with questions and help.

The time does NOT have to be spent on the nights demo, but any skill that you would like to practice in a non threating environment without people judging. If there is something you would like to learn more about please let me know and I will find someone with that knowledge and skill to come demo at future meetings.

I will need a volunteer for the demo bottom, experience is not an issue. Since I am flying solo these days, I hope to find someone else that would be willing to be ‘in service’ to me during the evening. I need an extra pair of hands during the demo and to run errands and such during the evening. Please make sure you have your partners permission to serve me. If you can help in either one of these positions please contact me privately.

Please cross post this in any group, with the groups owner permission.
Loving in Leather,
Ms Boots