Sep 232014

Stapling: Staples!

*It’s not just for the office! Spend time with us as we explore the fun of stapling! You can do it to make something pretty to adorn the body, or just be plain mean! Come out and have fun!*

What: Bound Rose
When: October 1, 2014
Time: 7pm -10pm
Where: The Sanctuary
Cost: $5/Sanctuary members $15 for every one else
Why: To educate, learn, share and grow BDSM skills.
Who: Master Neko and koneko (see bio below)

Door Prizes:
* One free Admit to any Sanctuary event.
* One free admit to any Bound Rose Meeting.


7-8 social/eating Please bring something to share.
8-9 demo/learning hands on
9-10 Play allowed in back dungeon. Dungeon rules and etiquette apply. Front dungeon will be lighted to encourage learning and practicing skills.

Please RSVP. Click on link below or contact MstsBoots

About Master Neko & koneko

Neko has been in the lifestyle for eighteen years. His travels and learning in the lifestyle began as a collared slave. After almost 2 years, his Mistress felt he was on the wrong end of the flogger and spent 3 years training him to provide the proper care and feeding for his own slaves in the future, as well as building upon the Leather history, traditions, and ideals of his previous training.
Through his training, he discovered a desire to educate others about our lifestyle – helping people to understand and find personal acceptance of the deep, dark parts of us that we keep locked away. To that end, he has given presentations on such topics as (in no particular order and not limited to) fear play, mind fucks, interrogation, sword/knife play, orgasm control, rough body, blood play, body mechanics, medical play, stapling, electricity, sensory deprivation, liquid latex, needles, mummification, humiliation, rope 101, predicament bondage, and shibari. He enjoys dishing out a variety of sadism when he plays as well as being an active part of the community.
Prior to Texas, he was a part of the New York scene where he presented, played, and did fetish and rave photography. In Dallas, he ran the Bound Rose Society for four years with his slave, koneko. During 2008, he led the local bondage SIG group: DFW Bound2 and this year, they have picked up the reins again. He is a Mentor in the Dallas Mentors Program, volunteers at the local dungeon, Sanctuary, is a co-chair at NLA-Dallas and does security for Beyond Vanilla along with continuing to present when asked. He’s presented in places such as New York, Dallas, Austin, Colorado, Blanco, and Temple.
He has had as many as four slaves at one time, (which makes him certifiably insane) though currently, he owns one slave, koneko, who has been with him since 2002 in a 24/7 relationship.

koneko has been walking a kinky path since 1991 with the last twelve being blessed in service to Master Neko. She is a bi, poly, Leather kitten, and slave who loves kink education. koneko is also Wiccan, first initiated over twenty years ago and a teaching elder since 1999. During her Leather path, she has been given opportunities to serve the community through a number of venues, such as volunteering at the Dallas dungeon Sanctuary, Bound Rose Society, NLA-Dallas, Beyond Vanilla, Darker Paths, Fourth Friday, and in the Dallas and National submissive Mentor Programs. She has also been gifted with opportunities to teach as well as co-teach with Master Neko at several kink groups and events in Dallas, Austin, Colorado, Blanco, and Temple. koneko loves dancing under the moon, bottoming to her Master’s wild scenes, serving privately and publicly, having a full life, and enjoying the journey she is on.

Sep 222014

If you are asking “what camp outs” I have the answer for you. Some of the best camp outs occur at a private camp site about two hours south of D/FW in Cameron, Texas. The Texas Conference of Clubs owns the Buzzard’s Peak land site down there and is the official camp site for a number of clubs across Texas. Some of the member clubs are Cowtown Leathermen, NLA-Houston, Discipline Corps, Trinity River Bears, and soon NLA Dallas.

With the help of some of your dedicated volunteers from the NLA-Dallas-EC we have submitted our paperwork for membership with TCC. We will have access to utilize the site and put on our own events. Many of the member clubs come to the various events and some may be willing to co-host with us thereby lending us their experience and helping to guarantee additional attendance.

The site boasts a full chef’s kitchen with walk in cooler, shower house, toilet house and a combo shower/toilet house with a clean out station that is right next to the compound. Oh, yes… the compound is the “play area” for the camp. Slings, benches, crosses, and much more, including a big cast iron bath tub for… “play.” There is still more, an above ground pool with a large deck around it, RV hook-ups, tent grounds with electrical outlets, and a stage for shows and special events. This place also has loads of trails for hiking and is clothing optional.

How can you have fun and help to make this a success for NLA-Dallas? Attend some maintenance weekends or some events with one of the other clubs. Check the calendar of events:

Simply click on the event you are interested in learning more about and follow the links to read more about the club organizing the event including any needed admission paperwork and the run fee. The cost for an event may be anywhere from $25 on up to $80 depending on the club. Those fees would include the standard $15 TCC per person fee and all food and drinks. Sometimes alcohol is provided depending on the club and the run.

Most of the time the maintenance weekend is the third weekend of the month and are free to attend. The idea is for those attending to help keep the site in good repair and to have a fun time doing it. This would also be a great way to visit and see all there is about the site before paying an event fee with one of the clubs. The entire site is open for use at the maintenance weekend so once the work is done the play can start. Food for Saturday breakfast and dinner is often provided and as part of your donated time you can offer to cook something up.

A majority of the events are open to everyone. However, there are two clubs that I know of that are male only; Austin Gay Nudists and Discipline Corps. To make sure of “open attendance” do look at the TCC Calendar and follow the club links to read up on the event.

Here is a short list of some upcoming events:

Bound By Desire; Oct 3-5

Hot Bears; Oct 10-12

TCC Maintenance Weekend & Board Quarterly Meeting; Oct 17-19

Boy Leo is the DC Rep and will be presenting NLA-Dallas for membership plus working hard to maintain the site. Please join us there to see the site and how the Board works for all members and to keep the site open.

Discipline Corps; Oct 24-26

Trinity River Bears (TRB) & Fire Dancers Houston: Dances with Bears, A Black Forest Event

“Halloween Special” weekend of Oct 31-Nov 2 (event is renowned for awesome food)

Touch of Leather; Nov 7-9

Calendar link:


Please take the time to have a lot of fun at this beautiful site. I have gotten to know many of the good folks that work and play out at the TCC camp and I am proud to be able to represent NLA-Dallas there. Come out and join us for a maintenance weekend so you can explore the site, meet other like minded people, help with some work, and then relax around a fire with good food and fun tales. Don’t forget all of the events that are open for you too. I have grown to love Buzzard’s Peak and hope to share all it has to offer with you. Come out to see what you have been missing!

I am available for questions:

Hope to see you out there,

Boy Leo