Oct 292015

United Court of the Lone Star Empire Coronation Weekend: Crown Plaza at Mockingbird

Fri Oct 30th – Crown Plaza- United Court of the Lone Star Empire (UCLSE) Coronation

*Dallas Eagle from 6-10 the UCLSE Out of Town Show for Coronation Weekend

Sat Oct 31st – Crown Plaza- United Court of the Lone Star Empire (UCLSE) Coronation Event

Club Reflection – Halloween Costume Contest & Party-Midnight to 2am

Sun Nov 1st – Crown Plaza- United Court of the Lone Star Empire (UCLSE) Victory Brunch

Tue Nov 3rd – Resource Center- NLA Dallas General Membership Meeting from 7-9pm & remember we are voting for the Fall Frolick TFL Hat. Our top choice of TFL Hat goes to Fall Frolick to compete against the other clubs. Your $1’s equal your vote for the number one choice & that money will go toward our Silent Auction Basket. So bring your cash to vote!

Wed Nov 4th – Hidden Door- T-Bear Club Night from 7-10pm

Fri Nov 6th – Dallas Eagle – NTXCC/Fall Frolick Candidate Show: Michael Castlow 7-10

*Dallas Eagle – Discipline Corps bar night from 10 – Midnight

Sat Nov 7th – Hidden Door- 7-10- NTXCC Miss Fall Frolick Show with Nina Morgan

Sun Nov 8th – Discipline Corps Play-party 12-6 (see a member at the bar night for info)

*United Court of the Lone Star Empire (UCLSE) Executive Board Meeting from 1:30-3 at Youth First Texas. Then from 3-5 is the UCLSE General Membership Meeting in same location.

** Hidden Door- 6-10- NTXCC Mr Fall Frolick Show with Chris “Daddy Love” Geraci

Thu Nov 12th -Club Reflection- NTXCC/Fall Frolick Candidate Show: Delta Priestly, 7-9

Sat Nov 14th – Hidden Door- Firedancers: Veterans Day Event from 1-4pm

*Dallas Eagle- DFW Sisters: Sleigh Ride with Santa Show from 6-10pm

**Dallas Eagle- NLA-Dallas Club Night from 7-9pm

***Club Changes- NTXCC/Fall Frolick Candidate Show: Illexa Snap & Michael Castlow 8-11

Sun Nov 15th –Club Reflection- NTXCC/Fall Frolick Candidate Show: Boy Leo from 6-10

Wed Nov 18th – SLUTS Club Night- Hidden Door, Back Bar- 8-10pm

NTXCC Presents: Fall Frolick 5 a party SO BIG we needed two cities & three days for it!

*****Pre Register for $10 Weekend Tickets: www.FallFrolick.com

Fri Nov 20th -Fall Frolick Kick Off: 7-10 at Dallas Eagle with Charity Silent Auction plus food & drink specials for registered Fall Frolick guests. Full event registration on site for only $10!

Sat Nov 21st – 10am-12am Brunch & Mimosa-Bloody Mary Specials at the Hidden Door

*1pm-5pm at The Round-Up for Mr & Miss Fall Frolick Pageant Show, another Charity Silent Auction plus food & drink specials for registered Fall Frolick guests.

**5pm to 6pm back to the Hidden Door for a drink or two before catching the bus to Fort Worth.

***7-10 at Club Reflection in Fort Worth: The Saturday Night Show & Dinner Party. Another Charity Silent Auction plus food & drink specials for registered guests and a special show with our celebrity headliner: Mick Foley!

**** At 12-Midnight the bus departs back to Dallas and The Hidden Door.

>>>> Full event registration at each location for only $10!

Sun Nov 22nd – Noon to 3 at S4 is the Fall Frolick Follies Show with the Parade of Colors and the TFL Hat Contest plus food & drink specials.

*3 to 7 at the Hidden Door for the Official Unofficial After Party

**7 to 11 at the Dallas Eagle for the Official After/After Party



Oct 112015

2015 10 Leather Perspectives


Saturday September 26th
2:00 PM
(Doors open at 1:30 PM)
The Dallas Eagle
FREE for members
$5 for non-members (Join for $25/year!)

In October we will have Master Neko & koneko a speaking on Living in a Dynamic M/s World.

For more information visit www.NLADallas.org

The fourth Saturday of each month NLA-Dallas invites a person walking a leather journey, to present on leather related topic from his or her perspective (as there is no “one twue way”).

Doors will open at 1:30 pm and the class will start at 2 pm. The session will be held at our local leather & Levi bar, The Dallas Eagle!

• This class is FREE to NLA Dallas members and $5 for non-members.
• Bring a friend with you who might be interested in the leather/fetish/SM lifestyle!
• Members, please be sure to bring your current NLA card.
• Non-members can join for $25/yr.
Attendees must be at least 21 years of age based on the location.

Leather Perspectives is a monthly event sponsored by NLA-Dallas. NLA-Dallas is a DFW based organization focused on the education of those interested in and/or living the leather/SM/fetish lifestyle. As a gateway leather club, NLA-Dallas is open to people of all walks of life regardless of orientation or identification. We invite you to join us for a General Membership meeting on the first Tuesday of each month, a Leather Perspectives on the fourth Saturday of each month, or an Advanced Workshop each quarter.

Oct 012015

Our next featured guest for this spot is the newest MAL to join the EC Bard. Bard has written several pieces for the NewsLeather before mostly sharing with us highlights from Leather Perspectives over the past 2 years. He has now taken the time to answer our 10 questions so we can get to know him a little better

1. What first brought you to NLA?

I was observing people at the local dungeon and there were some that supported each other and held themselves to a certain standard.  When I inquired further I discovered Leather had many of the same values that I followed; it seemed a natural fit.

2. What is it about NLA that makes it feel like home to you?

I like that there are people who believe in setting a standard and discovering that my kinks are shared by others.

3. If pressed, I’d identify myself as…

 Hetero-Nerdual Dom.  I also am discovering a sadist side.

4. Define what “Leather” is to you?

Leather is something that is a choice and a direction you choose for yourself.  Before I discovered Leather, I was trying to live my life according to the Code of Bushido.  For some time I studied Kendo and Iaido and these created a love and respect for Bushido.  I found that Leather carried many of the same tenants as Bushido and so it appeared that I had been living my life as close to Leather as possible.

5. What are your top 3 Leather/kink passions?

My fetishes include Sith Lords, Elf Sorceress, or any other Sci-Fi Fantasy tied to BDSM.  Oh, it said kink…  I enjoy Pony Play, Fire Play, and Latex/Leather clothing.

6. What are your top 3 Vanilla Passions?

Pizza, Education, and RPG’s.  As I said above, Nerd.
7. What was your first experience with Leather?I was attending a munch and the demonstration was titled, “What is Leather?”  The presenter described various things that I was already a believer in and so I attended my first Leather event the next month.  SO far, so good!

8. What is your most memorable Leather moment?

Volunteering for the Beyond Vanilla 25 committee.  This is has been a huge experience and I cannot wait till the day of the event!

9. What do you feel NLA is doing well?

I think that NLA is doing more in and for the community.  This is vitally important so that NLA can be a stabilizing influence for DFW.

10. What changes would you like to see in NLA?
I have not been a member long enough to fairly judge what NLA could change for the better, but I would like to see a sense of honor or prestige continue to build for NLA.