Jun 102015

Good day to you all,


Here is the packet (below) for the Mr and Miss Fall Frolick Pageant to be held during Fall Frolick weekend ( November 20-22, 2015). We would love contestants from all of our member clubs to apply. If you or someone you know would represent your club well and be a leading light in our community then please encourage them to step up.


All of our North Texas clubs have worthy charities and causes that they support. The Mr and Miss Fall Frolick contestants and title holders are meant to and even encouraged to show others in our community and beyond how dedicated the clubs in North Texas are to helping each other and those in need. Just imagine how much more revenue and support we could supply to those charities and causes when we all work together and participate in one another’s events. The Mr and Miss Fall Frolick contestants and title holders can offer that kind of gift to our North Texas Clubs. Would you please consider joining us as a pageant contestant.


Miss Nina Morgan and Mr Daddy Love are our current title holders. They are working to put together this event and several others. Do check with them concerning possible fundraising as a pageant contestant.


Please feel free to contact any of the board members with any further questions. Our board members are listed at: www.NTXCC.org


We ask that you forward this on to your club officers and members to better spread the word and the opportunity for participation.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in November!

Mr and Miss Fall Frolic packet