Aug 012013

I have received feedback several times in the past few months that there is a lot of talk about what NLA Dallas DV Project is planning/about/going to do.  Well, that is fair and very true.  Things in the mental health field don’t just happen quickly….there is much discussion, exploration of various options, establishing mutually agreed up goals planning, and implementation.  This may seem like a rather lengthy and rather long time consuming process, and it is.  In my field we make decisions about the lives, well being, and safety of individuals experiencing trauma. We take that very responsibility seriously and make every effort to ensure that our interventions are based in their best interests and above all else, “do no harm.”

Lex, Artemis, Beth, Rob, Hardy, Jim and I have begun the actual work on developing the training program requested by the National DV Hotline administrators.  Work meetings will continue every two weeks from now until October, our model will be presented to the Hotline Administrators in November, and training will begin in Jan. 2014.  This will mark completion of the first stage of a training project that in total will take two years.

New NLA Domestic Violence Project education/out-reach/referral materials are ready to be sent to the printer with the goal of have over 2000 handouts ready for Pride.

And as a major part of NLA Dallas Domestic Violence, the national survey on DV within the BDSM/Kink/leather community that I discussed at an NLA meeting last spring as something that as Chairperson of this project I thought was critical in our future efforts to establish an effective advocacy and working relationship with local, regional, and national DV service providers and agencies concerning needs and barriers to our members who are victims of DV in seeking and receiving adequate treatment.

Up to that night, such a survey had never been done, and it was a personal and professional dream of mine as a psychotherapist working with DV victims from our community.  Some of my peers called a “pipe dream” that no one would be interested in.”  I of course disagreed.  At the end of that meeting Beth approached me, introduced herself, and said “I’d like to do that as a research project.”

After that meeting, in my office she and I had come up with the majority of the survey questions, based on my knowledge and experience and what data/information mental health DV service providers and agencies would want to have.  Over the next few weeks, Beth modified, enhances, added, subtracted, we discussed, questioned, and with her research expertise, the draft version was done.

Well, the survey is now reality!  It’s up on a web-site, and will also be on the NLA Dallas, Woodhull, and NCSF web sites by the end of today!  The National DV Hotline and the National Dating Abuse Hotline will also refer callers to this survey site!

Later this afternoon I will be e-mailing out the following announcement-invitation to personal and professional folks I know who are leaders and officers in our community in NYC, Washington DC, the CDC in Atlanta, officers in the 15 Assoc in SF, Hell Fire in Chicago, LA, Phil Darby owner of the SF Citadel, and my peers who advised me the my idea of this kind of survey was a “pipe dream.”

Some damned “pipe dream” indeed!