Download NLA-Dallas Membership Application

  • Membership is open to any person 18 years old or older who supports the Statement of Purpose.
  • Persons who join will have all rights and privileges granted under the bylaws of NLA: Dallas.
  • Members will pay annual chapter dues and/or assessments in an amount determined by a vote of the membership. Any person not paying by their renewal date will lose their membership privileges until his/her account is current.
  • Local dues may be waived in instances of hardship by the Executive Council for a period of one year. Waivers will be reviewed annually.
  • The records pertaining to Membership will be maintained according to the Policy and Procedure manual.
  • Only current NLA-Dallas members are eligible to make motions, vote, nominate members for office, hold office, and receive NLA-Dallas publications free of charge.
  • Members may indicate on business cards, stationery, and in advertising their membership in NLA-Dallas. They may not present themselves as spokespersons for the association unless the Executive Council, the bylaws, or a vote of the membership specifically authorizes them.
  • Membership in NLA-Dallas is confidential, and members’ names will not be released, other than to officers of NLA-Dallas without the member’s written approval.
  • Members may resign by submitting a letter to the NLA-Dallas Membership Chair.
  • Membership may be revoked for any action deemed inappropriate. The decision to revoke a membership will require approval of a two-thirds majority of the members voting, once the member’s right to due process has been exercised.